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Housewarming Party!
25 March, 2007, 12:21 am
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Washed my car today cause it was peppered with faeces and a thunderstorm decided to accompany the evening. Oh well… It was pretty humid today and the storm was as tropical as ever (yee-ha!)… Max of 33degC today and tomorrow… its 18-21degC!!! It’s a drop of 10degC in 24 hours… Amazing huh? Oh well…

Piccies from tonight’s housewarming party! Had a good chat with some people and a chance to  strengthen some of my observations and convictions while finding out a few extra things *ahem* about some people… But it was a great time, honestly! Sometimes we just get so caught up in doing life that we just forget to be life…

The early birds! (+Aaron)

Doesn’t this look like a Korean drama DVD cover? haha Look at Ashley’s hand man! So feminine!!! Rock on Ash!

The two girls flanking the handsome bloke in the middle are so funny. They keep wanting the blur effect of the SLR… haha Shout out to my new found friend! The guy in green! hehe (name witheld of course)

OkOk… We’ve got the blurred background dy!

That’s all folks I guess…

I need to ressurect my esnips account… bah…

God bless!


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The second pic reminds me of a crazy cave man XD wakakaka

Comment by Soo

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