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Bruised but not broken…
28 March, 2007, 9:50 pm
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Courtesy of Joss Stone’s “Bruised But Not Broken”…

and i’ll be alright
and i’ll love again
and the wounds will mend
i’m bruised but not broken
and the pain will fade
i’ll overcome my fear
is not the end of me
my heart is still open now
i’m bruised but not broken

Just got her album and Norah Jones’ album today. Was hesitating with Norah Jones but she turned out to stick to her roots in “Not Too Late” *phew*. Didn’t really like her previous album, so bad I couldn’t even remember the name :P.

Anyway, when I was listening to Joss Stone’s modern hip-hop British fusion with jazz album, the song above crept up to me. Reason being I was having a pretty bad day today due to a early morning miscommunication with someone which sent all my mind monsters roaring out in full force. Ugly, teeth-baring, saliva dripping, claw-clenching monsters. They pretty much stayed throughout the day, picking their teeth after a ravishing meal of my mind and energy. Ah…

Of course, best thing to do is to garner backup and forge on. So got SernLi to go lunch with and then we headed off to East Gardens and then off to Coogee beach… The weather was perfect! Like, no exagerrating… it was perfect! We saw this dude getting wheeled to a stretcher and then on to the ambulance. Two ambulances. 5 personnel. SernLi muttered something about “wasting resources” and I retorted with something that’s gotta do with “altruism”. We thought he had a broken leg.

But backtrack to East Gardens. I saw two girls with bruises on their necks. Amazing isn’t it? I know (its not even the weekend yet :P). The first had a lot, like probably 4 or 5 patches here and there. But the second had only one, about the size of a 20-cent coin near the throat towards the left a bit. I asked SernLi about it and he said people might have poked them in the neck. Yeah… with two fingers! They probably choked… 😛 Oh I forgot to mention their age… The first girl was probably 21? And the second no more than 16…

Ah well… but I mean like wow, is he really that passionate? Oh please…

Anyway… no more of this.
Bruised but not broken in a whole different light… 😛

God bless!


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