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60 Earth Hour
31 March, 2007, 9:25 pm
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Earth Hour was on today. John Howard and the Opposition Leader, Kevin Rudd timed their environmental ‘blueprints’ to coincide with today. Haven’t really looked at them but I guess when politicians take the lead in ‘combatting’ climate change; it’s good. I don’t think we can save our generation but this climate change/global warming thing is for the next few generations. That’s why I guess, it’s so hard to get people on board. Where do I get my next meal versus where my grandchild gets to see tigers or not.

If we go all out and ‘save the Earth’, reducing carbon emissions, etc,we run the risk of losing jobs now sure but what do we need jobs for when there’s no Earth to live in. But if I don’t get a job now, I may not even have grandchildren to see the tigers.

But how’s that measurable? Ah…

Anyway, pics taken today and our moonlight cinema event on Wednesday night… IT. WAS. SO. FREAKING. COLD.

PopCorn PopCorn! Come and get your PopCorn!

There was a healthy crowd of probably 30-40 people. I was encouraged by that. “Blood Diamond” was awesome. Did a little research and there’s actually a non-fiction novel out about the blood diamond trade in Africa, “The Heartless Stone” its called. Check it out if you are interested. I know I am…

No, seriously. It was so cold! And it didn’t help that there were no toilets nearby. PLUS… the grass was damp… But it was a great time!

Lunch today! Hehe

Doesn’t this look like a scene from Star Wars or something?

View from St. Michael’s rooftop on Earth Hour Day 2007.

Have a great Sunday folks!

God bless!


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Love the pics! I took part in Earth hour too!
Switched off my lights, it got kinda irritating after a while, since i could not take a shower, could not do my homework, could not see the plugs. But i did it!

Comment by Ashley

haha i also! was talking to SokLeng on MSN and cannot see my keyboard! haha quite funny to knw u oso like that haha

but take heart!

Quite cool quite cool… KudOs Ashley!

Comment by K.Lo

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