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April Fool’s Day!
1 April, 2007, 10:14 pm
Filed under: RanDom

Wanted to start off the post saying I had a car accident and all but I guess its just not fair. lOl :p But did you guys catch some of the jokes on the net? I nearly fell for some… Well, I fell for one but the other got me so I was like… hmmm… :P|

And it was such a good thing too!

Oh well… Won’t spoil it for those who know. Will put up the links tomorrow hehe

Anyway… Things that caught my eyes and ears today was “Thank God You’re Here”, “The Biggest Loser” and “Rove”. All on Channel Ten!

I’m really beginning to like “The Biggest Loser” a lot. It’s quite funny seeing their faces when they actually ‘gain weight’ instead of lose weight. Like everyone goes like O_o. Mouths agape, eyes wide open… you know… But then the interlacing ‘behind the scenes’ video clips see them backstabbing each other and saying things which are honestly so, so hurtful if the target of those words hear them. Don’t they know that their relatives might be recording this and they will know it in the future?

That’s why I control my tongue so so hard sometimes cause even though it’s behind their back, people will know it one day. It’s easy to lash the tongue; one quick swift move and the comment’s out. But the consequences… *shudder*

Oh well… Rove was great. Laughed so hard when everytime they say the word “Murder”, the little bell-like soundeffect used in SVU will come out. So funny! Sometimes it will be delayed cause the guests will attempt to do it… which adds doubly to the funny factor. Rove’s such a great character.

Oh well… Church was great, had a great talk with one of my regulars at the store too. We’ll leave that for some other time…

God bless!


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