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5 April, 2007, 1:15 am
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Three. days. in. a. row.

Back to back (No, it IS back. to. back.) events starting from yesterday morning. Work, The Spot, assignment, class, assignment. *sore throat, feel like dying* Sleep. *feel like dying* Assignment, work, assignment. *this is where I’m at right now*. Sleep. Work, assignment, get ready game for party. PRESENTATION of assignment!, class n then… EASTER PARTY! wuahahaha!

Then it’s Good Friday. then United at night. Then I think my Saturday’s free! Phew!

Then Sunday SokLeng and mom arrives! hehe So back to ‘busy’ mode again I guess hehe

Ah well… I guess it’s good being busy and tired rather than bored and tired.

Not complaining. Lovin life. Lovin God. Oh God. Seriously, tell me, how do you guys do it without God? Must be tough. Not knowing who to count on. Not knowing where your security will come from. Not having someone to lean on and know that will be there for you. Tough life you got there. Crazy.

Time to sleep. Goodbye my fellow earthlings… for now…

Keep your head up, stay humble and make at least one person smile today.

God bless!


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the hectic life of uni student, take care oh

Comment by Soo

thanx dude!

n YOUR journey has only begun… hehe

Comment by K.Lo

Yea yea get bz! Looks like I’m gonna be bz too after such a long break! I’m gonna start work next mon!
Really need His strength to move on!

Happy Easter LMT! =)

Comment by Hannah L.

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