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The Easter Long Weekend
11 April, 2007, 12:07 am
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It was double demerit points this Easter long weekend on the roads. That means you lose twice the amount of ‘normal’ points if you do something silly. I nearly got caught by the police! The car that was in front of me beat a yellow light but I think he got caught for speeding instead of the light. And I was right behind him, having barely beat the yellow amber light before that. I was so freaked out man! If he wasn’t there, I think I would probably be the one the police stopped. Phew…

Anyway… it was quite an OK weekend. Filled with church and a solemn reminder for myself the sacrifice of Jesus and how God became man and the divine exchange and all.

We had “Touching Heaven” night on Sunday and Darlene and Marty was in the city for that. We had church at the Darling Harbor Convention Centre!

SokLeng and her mom’s here too! They arrived on Sunday night and I want to spend as much time as I’m allowed to with her as I possibly could hehe Other priorities have to come into play too you know 🙂

And here come the piccies from the long weekend…

Nydia and Sandra soaking up the sun and some coffee at Darling Harbor before “Touching Heaven” night on Resurrection Sunday night. It was such a great night!!! I never wanna take my church for granted. EVER!

Matt representing USYD at the Uni Retreat Day on Monday. Another great day and another event I do not want to take for granted. We are so so so blessed people!

The UTS bungle… 😛

The weather turned from cloudy to sunny within hours… We had such a blast and just to know more people and to learn from each other is so helpful in building community within like-minded people.

Judah Miller is so adorable!

A tuft of grass.

Ahhh… Had a few conversations over the weekend which really made me sad and a little angry and all but I guess its ok. I don’t understand some people sometimes but I guess we are all different in some ways or another and not all of us can or want to do things that deep down inside we know we ought to do.

Another thing I hate is people telling me what to do without showing/teaching me how to do it. They go on and on (showing off) about how this way is good or this particular thing is interesting but deny all access for me to it. That riles me up like nothing else man.

Are some people that socially inept? Or are they that insecure that they need to show off that badly?

Oh… I’m so riled up already just thinking about it. I need to stop.

Goodnight world!
God bless!


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dang i wish we had easter hols back here >.

Comment by Soo

My name is moses from africa. i need a penpal and a sponsor for my education.

Comment by moses

My name is moses from africa. i need a penpal and a sponsor for my

Comment by moses

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