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Cool things I found today…
15 April, 2007, 5:34 pm
Filed under: RanDom

While the rain is falling and yours truly is busy idling his time away, procastinating on his assignment… These news articles/websites landed on his laptop

I am so intrigued by this advertisement that I got into their website…
(Of course, you don’t click web advertisements! Oh you never do! You just manually enter the URL ok? OK! :P)

But I think the ads were better than the website itself… Too messy I think… But good concept I guess… Americans are way up there in terms of lavishness and luxury…

Another website that caught my eye was this!

Gay By Design, Or a Lifestyle Choice?

Caught YOUR eye didn’t it? Haha! 😛

Last but not least… I have to announce that Marvin‘s ‘gift’ to me in the form of a NEC TV has outshone all its cathode rays… I am now without a TV… The room is so quiet… Especially when SokLeng’s not here to liven it up… (She left back to SG today… *huge sigh*)

Aaaaaanyway, was looking at TVs (and the other news articles) and what-nots and stumbled upon this…

The Drive-In Without The Drive

Oh. My. Goodness.

Awesome isn’t it? I think I’ve found my newest favourite newspaper section. HiakS!

More updates later in the week when procrastination is no longer a guilty pleasure. 😛

God bless!


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sure or not?
cos sometimes it’ll work with a few whacks to it.. haha.. lemme see la, im around this week in st mikes

Comment by marvin

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