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Week 7!
26 April, 2007, 10:06 pm
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It is officially the end of Week 7…
Sigh sigh…

I don’t know, I think this part-time job is doing me a great deal of help but I mean its not adding anything substantial to my CV, yet, at least. But I guess in everything we will definitely learn things even if it doesn’t mean anything to the world sometimes.

Like last night’s dinner with Eugene. It was a great dinner. We talked about a lot of things and exchanged a whole lot of information too. It’s great to have practically purposeful conversations. Hehe 😉 We also went for a merry-go-round in and about Sydney for a cafe which was open at 11pm on ANZAC Day and finally found Conelli’s (?) in Newtown open! The search took an hour plus!

But besides that, nothing much going on these few days…

Had a REACH fundraiser event on Tuesday! 🙂

All food cooked by Sandra! Awesome awesome food!

We had 5 dishes, 1 soup and 1 dessert!

A Taiwanese ‘cawan mushi’… Amazing ‘secret recipe’ hehe

And creatively hatched apples with ice-cream! It was pretty amazing as well… Soft sugary ice-cream melting into solid textured apples… One of the nicer ‘combinations’ I have tried. (I remember I had tea prawns once…)

Ah well… Till the weekend! Our annual REACH (Responsible Effort and Active Community Help)!!!

God bless!

Found this pretty funny?
Japanese fooled in poodle scam


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woah looks nice~ i am hungry already

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