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REACH and Ashley’s 21st!
29 April, 2007, 1:04 am
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Didn’t get pictures from REACH but a few of my friends took pictures so might get it from them this coming week.

It was a cool time repainting the school. I’m sure sections of my lungs were sacrificed inhaling all the old paint that was sandpapered off but all in all I had a good time. Besides the waking up early, don’t think I was that tired. But honestly, I think we did a really bad job…

Our hearts might have been right but our hands just did not match it I guess at the end of the day hehe… Ah well…

PiX from tonite’s birthday party… (…most pictures didn’t turn out good :(…)

Birthday girl!!! Happy Birthday again Ash! Welcome to adulthood…

Love this pic! (You never know what you’ll get when other people have your camera on their hands…)

This pic was quite cool too… NOT taken by me heh

The food was amazing! We probably had like 7-8 dishes of Asian and Western delight just screaming out at us. Ashley made this bacon mash potato thing and Edwin decorated the place with balloons and all… The atmosphere was quite relaxing hehe…

One thing that really stood out for me was that Ashley chose to focus people on her Compassion child in Peru on her 21st birthday. She channelled everyone to give (monetary) gifts directly towards her Compassion child.

21… A number which signifies adulthood and I guess if you welcome adulthood with a generous and outward looking spirit like Ashley, you are bound to set yourself up for an impactful life.

Amazing isn’t it?

God bless!


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Hey Kevin!! Thanks so much for everything and your thoughtful gift.

I took the other 2 pics!! keke…so sad ah…to ‘hear’ that the pics didnt turn out nice.

But thanks really! for letting us use ur camera and also for the times you’ve sowed into my life.

God bless.Ashley.

Comment by Ashley

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