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Dawn and Alex’s Graduation
4 May, 2007, 4:01 pm
Filed under: Friends, Graduation, Pictures

One a Japanese and Gender Studies Graduate. One a Japanese Studies and Psychology Graduate. Both with pretty excited parents.

I can only think of high-school style lame captions like this…
Dawn: My cape’s furrier than yours you know…
Alex: What do you mean? Mine’s polar bear fur, better still.

So I won’t try other captions… 😛

Two Malaysians. One picture.

If you miss your brother, WenQi.

Dawn and good ol’ Ben.

Alex always blends in well in crowds like this one…

The sun was so sunny today! Man… Ah well…

Till our next post! This weekend is assignment weekend. 500-words only but I foresee a procastination filled weekend… 😛

God bless!


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a hot and sunny day with fur? oh man that juz hits the spot

Comment by Soo

hey bro!

i don’t really get you there, where n what exactly is this ‘spot’?

Comment by K.Lo

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