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5 May, 2007, 1:41 pm
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I sorta like Fergie’s “Glamorous” song. Has it been playing in your local area? Hehe The lyrics are not great (hence the reason why I’m not posting it here) but the melody, the atmosphere and the feel is just so… glamorous, really.

Anyway, brought one of my workmates to powerHouse last night. It’s been a long time since I’ve brought someone new to powerHouse. And I wasn’t really sure how he would have liked it or whatever. He txtd me earlier to ‘check’ if it won’t go overtime but we ended up hanging out till 1am. hehe

It helps me see the church and what we do from a non-believers’ point of view and honestly, if I were him, I would have been like, “WT* are these ppl doing?!” Come to think of it, simple acts like closing our eyes and singing, “I love you” so full of emotion and conviction is really freaky you know, to a non-believer. And all that praising and shouting, seriously… What are you guys excited about if not a cult?

But every word in every worship song shouted so loudly at me. Its like everything became clear again you know. Its like ALL the promises of God saving me (and him) became clear. God’s promise to be there when everything crumbles, became clear. The Father to the fatherless… everything was so, so clear. It’s like a refreshing of the meaning of every single word…

And the reason why he came to powerHouse was not that he wanted to see all these things but because he knows a Christian. A normal, someone-with-a-life outside of church Christian. Note that I said life-outside-of-church and not life-outside-of-God.

I think too many times we get so caught up in ‘preparing a night for non-believers’ that we forget to BRING the non-believers. Don’t you think? Well, I do.

But all in all, its the PEOPLE and whats in their hearts that count. I thank God that I can know with confidence that I can bring my non-believer friends to church and my church friends will have no problems loving on them and making them feel comfortable and part of the family. And that of course, comes from God’s love for them in the first place.

Who will you love on today?

God bless!


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Yea so true…totally agree with u on this—>
I think too many times we get so caught up in ‘preparing a night for non-believers’ that we forget to BRING the non-believers.

It will not bring any meaning if we just prepare well a night just to have a good meeting but didn’t win any souls.

Comment by HannahL

let’s continue to change the world!
one person at a time… starting from… OURSELVES! haha

God bless ya sis!

Comment by K.Lo

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