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7 May, 2007, 12:22 pm
Filed under: Smorty

Following on from TheReflector’s advertisement of Smorty, I decided to try it out myself. Registration has been easy and breezy and my blog got approved over the weekend. I kinda think that’s just because people like don’t work during the weekend?

I’ve always think of people who blog for money are pretty secretive about the services they use but maybe with more people signing on to things like this, they have a whole army of potential billboards practically free! It also would of course increase their marketing value…

Again, it’s pretty easy to use and if you have a decent (e.g. PG13+ and above) blog which you update regularly (two times a week minimum I think) and which has been around since three months ago and is indexed in popular web engines, you’re pretty much ready to go.

They don’t really have a lot of choices of things you can get paid for at the moment but I think if we collectively join (I mean you get paid for blogging for goodness’ sake!), we can only go further from this…

God bless!


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lomantik has turned to the dark side…muahahaha

Comment by thereflector

I’m 6 dollars darker… but i’ve been looking at forums and they seem to take 4ever to approve ur post?

u hv such problems?

Comment by K.Lo

yeah…they still have not approved my second post.

Comment by thereflector

i think it’s a great thing to get paid blogging.

Comment by Vienna

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