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Kena TAG.
8 May, 2007, 12:27 am
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6 Weird Things About Me from DavidLee.
I would at this juncture take the opportunity to say that this is an extremely subjective subject and everyone would think they are normal anyway… So this is a biased tag and might have implications… said and unsaid… 😛 IT. IS. A. VERY. HARD. TAG.

1. I don’t have speed-dial on my mobile to more than 2.
1 is for VoiceMail. 2 is for SokLeng. Finito.

2. I NEVER wear shoes without socks.
And with that comes the I never wear short pants with shoes too. SernLi, if you are reading this, this is yet another reason you don’t see me in short pants. 😉

3. I only type with 2 fingers most of the time?
Blame this on my evolution on the keyboard by my lonesome self on my DX386 50Mhz computer. 50Mhz ok… Do you even know what that is? 😛

4. I hate/detest/loathe/throw up if people call me Kelvin instead of my correct name.
(Sorry KelvinSoo if you are reading this hehe)

5. I check my favourite blogs twice an hour.
Oklah, maybe not twice per hour. But frequent enough I guess. hehe 😛

6. I think one of my shoulders is higher than the other.
I don’t this is that weird though, most people are ‘imbalanced’ anyway. I think its all the heavy schoolbags I used to carry when I was in primary school. Ah well…

OK so one tag done. Now for the next tag from TheReflector.

The rules:
1. Add a direct link to your post below the name of the person who tagged you.
Include the state and country you’re in.
TheReflector (PJ, Malaysia) and I am Lomantik (Sydney, Australia).

2. List out your top 5 favorite places to eat at your location.
In no particular order… (most of my Sydney friends would know this already anyway hehe)

A) SuperBowl in Chinatown – open till late. ‘Great’ direct service. No, but really they are improving. Beef brisket noodles and Hot & Sour soup.

B) Minh Hai in Chinatown – Deep fried chicken with tomato rice topped with an egg!

C) Outback Steakhouse in North Strathfield – Cheese dipped Bloomin’ Onions… OH MY GOODNESS!

D) Sydney’s Fishmarket – I could spend the entire day here… Fresh prawns dipped in wasabi and soy sauce, raw freshly shucked oysters, cheap sashimi… *drools*

E) Sydney Uni’s Kebab Store at Wentworth – 60 second walk from where I live, fast service. Mixed Meat Box (Beef, Chicken and Doner)… *super drools*

OK dokie… that’s done…

Now to tag people…
You can choose to do one or both! Here we go…
1. Marvin Kung (Camden!, Australia)
2. PamSong (Penang?, Malaysia)
3. KelvinSoo (KK, Malaysia)
4. ChuKwang (KL PJ, Brisbane, Australia ;))
5. HannahLee (KL, Malaysia)

OK, I think I’ll annoy these few people for now…

God bless!


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Yo! U know PamSong also? hehe
neways, I write ade loh in my blog..hoho

Comment by HannahL

why don’t u just use RSS? Don’t have to visit the blog soo often..hehe

Comment by thereflector

Hannah > i can’t reply ur post la… i dun have a multiply account and i dun wanna sign up hehe
Just wanna tell u thanx and i like number 5 the most!!! hehehe

TheRefleX > RSS ar? Can combine all the blogs into one long RSS or not ar? I dun wanna open so many RSSes also you know hehe

Comment by K.Lo

oh yeah… who doesn’t know PamSong lOl

Comment by K.Lo

Wah heng didnt kena. Haha

Comment by Ashley

walau.. number 1..
will try la, when i have the time, :p

Comment by marvin

actually i dun play the tag game… and nor do i support it. i’ll still do it though but i wont tag any1 else 😀

Comment by Soo

Ash > I let u go this time… muahahahaha 😛

Marbin > lOl yes, lumber 1! make time! 😛

Soo > u’re a sport bro! 😉

Comment by K.Lo

Hahaha…its ok la..yea i know u’ll not wanna go thru all the trouble to sign up..hehe!!

Comment by HannahL

Wah so many comments!! 🙂

Comment by Ashley

what can i say KLo, you’re not very weird at all! 🙂

i pass by minh hai all the time but have never tried it! will do so now 🙂

Comment by Jamie

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