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It’s a beautiful day…
20 May, 2007, 6:46 pm
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Sky falls, you feel like…
It’s a beautiful day…
Don’t let it get away…
(U2 – It’s A Beautiful Day)

We went to this restaurant owed by this Klang guy today in Newtown. I was reading the papers in the dunny just 10 minutes ago and guess which restaurant was reviewed in today’s The Sun Herald? Yup yup! Kammadhenu it was!

SernLi and Sandra; you guys should get used to the camera by now OK? 😛
*It is your friend… It is your friend… It is your friend…*

We saw Maggi Goreng on the menu for AUD10 and decided against it 😛
We had the Beef Rendang, Lamb Curry and Fish Head Curry instead!
Quite authentic I would say but good ol’
The Sun Herald labelled it a Sri Lankan restaurant… o_O Dunnolah… It was pretty Indian/Malaysian-Indian to me… 😛

The food was fairly fast, service was fairly OK and quality and price of the food was fair also. I don’t know, nothing really stood out for me except the nice fresh paint and fairly friendly big Indian ‘boss’. They have seating room for about 40-50 upstairs (it’s next to the rather clean toilet I might add :)). The Maggi Goreng is a definite-go for me the next time I visit…

I also got myself a camera bag yesterday at Ted’s! Their LowePro SlingShot bags are cheaper than eBay’s! I bought the 200AW hehe It’s a bit big for everyday use though but invaluable, I reckon, for travelling photoshoots. So thinks the ‘salesman’.

Was thinking of either the SlingShot 200AW or the Crumpler Million dollar homes but I bought this one first instead. It has a pretty intelligent design. One chic comfortable sling, generous padding and an entrance which can be accessed from the side or the ‘top’. It also has built-in lens cloth (although after 10 years’ usage may turn obsolete) and a built-in rain-proofing thingy. Amazing! They have probably thought of things you wanted in a camera bag… and more.

Ah well… We’ll see if it turns out to be a good investment… 😉

Oh! And Ruth Graham, daughter of world-renowned evangelist, Billy Graham, was preaching today at church… Seriously, we as a church are so, so spoilt… And we’ve been warned to be careful not to miss God for ourselves and just live off the teachings of great servants of God from the pulpits… It’s so easy to miss God for who He is and just go for what He is… that is the danger…

God bless!


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