Life is better than death. Love; greater than either…

24 May, 2007, 10:19 am
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There was a bit more people than my faith would have brought so we were a bit jittery over the amount of food that there was but surprisingly, it was enough… hehe

Check out Esther’s new hairstyle! 😉

I feel like I’m floating most of the time nowadays. Float from class to Connect Group. Then float to PowerHouse then float to work and the buoyancy of routine is very comforting I find.

Was reading Joan Didion‘s *edit* Helen Garner‘s piece about her not being stuck in a ‘real job’ ‘for the past 20 years’ of her life as a freelance writer and I begin to wonder, when people (adults, really) don’t have a (real, 9-5, bring-food-to-the-table) job, they don’t have a routine. I find that disturbing really…

Isn’t that what we should live like? Not buoyed by routine but constantly be renewing our mind, constantly seeking creative outlets for our gifts and talents and ultimately, our God-given destiny…

Sometimes it involves swimming against the current…
God bless!


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Looks like allot of good food man!

Comment by thereflector

haha it was a good night, the food somehow multiplied! haha i ‘miscounted’ people hehe

Comment by K.Lo

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