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26 May, 2007, 11:09 am
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Working in the city in a huge-windowed store is a definite advantage…

I saw this the other day… A BMW Z4… If you’re interested, prices are here

Then I saw this just yesterday… A Volvo C30… AUD43,950.

I didn’t get to know the pricetag till a moment ago and honestly, for that price, you can get a hot-hatch with better specs. But the C30 looked really really good on the road. I believe it’s wider and the wow-factor is just there. Maybe cause its new… But, then again, I got this quote from here… “…Volvo drivers are people who, even with the top down, will probably drive with windows up…”


But I would like to add that cars are seriously pretty cheap over here. Your average salary on an average job would be 4-5k a month and if you were gonna get the C30, you would probably finish paying up the car in 4-5 years (assuming you fork out 0.8-1k a month).

Comparatively, to get an average late-model car in Malaysia, lets be realistic and get a Honda Civic, which costs what? RM80,000? Let’s be hopeful and an average bloke/chick on an average job would probably get 3-4k a month. Let’s see if you die die fork out 1k a month for your shining black car, you would finish paying it off in… *drum rolls* 6-7 years!

Say you were to get the same Volvo C30 in Malaysia, which would probably cost… mmm *smart guess* Rm120,000++, minimum. (It would probably be nearer to 200,000), it would take the average bloke/chick TEN years to finish paying it off.

Ah well…
But this might be a problem… So why not rent your home but drive a nice car? At least you’ll feel good for 1-2 out of 24hrs of your day. Or better still… live with your parents!


God bless!


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