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Why do we fall?
30 May, 2007, 11:58 pm
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No, I’m not talking about Miss USA’s hero-to-zero at the pageant. Bless the arrogant poor girl.

And no, it’s not this either…

Haha don’t you just love linking? I wish books could be linked one day… And apparently Microsoft’s come up with a mutli-touch screen. Something like the “Minority Report” computers. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Get out more Go watch the movie! 🙂

I was looking at a few blogs just then and something struck me, why do we fall in love? Why do we fall in love with people who are clearly losers so different from us? Like, seriously, I know of so many friends of friends who go like, what the? Why him/her???

He/she has no future. He/she is a slob. He/she loves fun too much… ya da ya da ya da…

But I guess when you do fall in love, there’s no really reason isn’t it? Their lack of future becomes your lack of future, their slobbiness yours, their hedonistic ways, yours too.

But then again, so what if he/she is someone filled with vision, dilligent and has a healthy (adult) dosage of humour? I mean will that someone be loved more than if he/she was not? I don’t know…

I think for a man to get a ‘lover’; he’s gotta be offering her something more than childishness, humour, joy and care-freeness. He’s gotta offer her a vision, something to work towards. He’s gotta offer her his hand, not just his charm… His intellect, not just his heart… His wisdom, not just his words…

But the girl doesn’t love him for that… people should always love people for who they are not what they are, yes? But as “Wild At Heart” so clearly states, a princess longs to be caught up in the prince’s adventure… And the adventure should not be the adventure of pursuing her…

It may sound overtly macho in so-called modern times to say, “Hey woman, you should got on board my adventurous ship and sail my seas”. But that’s not what I’m getting at, I think a woman is in-built to come alongside a man… a real man and in that feel secure and safe. But when the man fails to do that, fails to ‘grow up’, fails to look at the bigger picture, fails to look beyond HIMSELF… It is disappointing… Sigh…

So why do you fall in love?

God bless!


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