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The World Is Not Enough
10 June, 2007, 12:58 am
Filed under: Saturday, Thoughts

In the middle… Of a world that denies it believes
It is breaking… Apart at the very seams
There is one thing… To be alive for
And it’s to take up my cross… And follow you Lord
(Devotion by Hillsong United; “All Of the Above”)

Another day at work. Another look at the world. 4 major events hit me like a brick. Teenage alcoholics desperate to get drunk; high posers; *toot*; and a stranger on the bus.

In one night I met all these people. From the richest to the poorest, from the very high to the very low. It’s a crazy world out there and I don’t think most of us even are aware of the things that are going on. In. Our. City.

I have absolutely no respect for people who seem to know everything but haven’t talked to a stranger in a while. I mean getting to know people may seem weird to you but mate, it’s a society. Humans are social beings. And we are called to reach out…

Yes, self-absorbed is the word I am looking for. I have absolutely zero respect for people who are self-absorbed. This economic application to your life and time (e.g. the principle of minimum effort, maximum gain) is useful but when used on fellow humans; it is atrocious. How can you possibly put a price to a conversation, a word of encouragement or just plain attention and acceptance?

I know that we might have different standards but honestly, no one person is better than the other. We are definitely tempted to overcompensate but real security comes from within. It doesn’t come from material things, fluency of speech, mental prowess or even good looks. Real security comes from knowing that you can genuinely believe in others so that they can be the best that they could be. Isn’t it?

If everyone lived like that; what will the world be? No more abuse, no more stereotyping, no more comparing.

We all need a check on our lives once in a while. Step out of your comfort zone and pop that bubble of yours. A great career, a hot car and a glamorous mansion are just but trophies of a world that is ‘breaking apart at the very seams’.

Why aim so low when there are higher trophies to acquire? lOl

God bless!


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wow… your blog is just simply deeeeeeeeep… as in thoughts and also english vocab!!! oh no.. i think i should take up english lessons!!! anyway, good DEEP blog! ;p

Comment by stevenboiboi

haha thanx Stevo!

you keep blogging too ok?
You are an awesome dude bro!

God bless!

Comment by K.Lo

Wow~ you wrote wat i was thinking!! amazing! hahaha and i juz love reading your blog, its juz like reading my own thought

Comment by soo

haha wow… that’s great!

Let’s press on towards The Goal bro…

God bless!

Comment by K.Lo

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