Life is better than death. Love; greater than either…

Suddenly I see…
13 June, 2007, 11:43 pm
Filed under: Sydney

He hobbled up the pavement across me. I couldn’t really see who he was under the low orange light cast off by the street lights. His shadows gave off a familiar gait and people started to move away from him. I look at him, he looks away. I kept staring at him, waiting for that moment when he would be within earshot. He keeps his gaze on the ground. Hobble. Hobble. Then I called out, “Hey Terry!”; he looks up instantly, all apparent suspicion disappears, melting into a toothless smile.

He had a cheeseburger, some chips and a coca-cola for dinner tonight. He asked me where I was heading to, “Back home”, I mumbled, making sure I silenced the second word. I observe no twitch from him. Maybe my silencing tactic worked, maybe he didn’t care, indifference keeps you alive. We chatted for a bit; what I could make out of his mumble that is. I think he cut his hair. I didn’t ask.

I gaze away frequently, he runs dry of conversation. He taps his newspaper on me; it’s probably his bed for the night. I ask him where he’s going. He shrugs. He mumbles something. I nod politely, offering a smile and acceptance. He hobbles off with a wink and another flash of his gums…

I get on the 422 and chose a seat three rows from the back. I recognize a fellow on the bus. He’s with his girlfriend as usual. They seem polite together. I wonder if they bow to each other before they bid adieu for the night. They make themselves comfortable around the ‘spring-loaded’ seats. But not for long…

The next bus-stop fills the bus. A punkish, black-haired chunky woman settles beside me. I continue looking out the window. What are these people doing? I see a girl in a blue jumper on the phone. Someone is slumped on the floor beside her. My mind races; is she alright? Is he alright? Could this be an exciting observation at last?

The bus starts to warm up and the wheels on the bus ain’t going round and round. I see a red-haired woman standing near the driver; he gets out of his seat and stuffs a big red bag into his seat and clambers back. Recognized fellow and attached girlfriend gets up and sits two rows behind me. I continue to look at the blue jumper… She seems frantic…

A few beeps later…
“Ramp extended”

The red-haired lady smiled and I followed her gaze… Through the glare on the glass bus windows I make out a female on a wheelchair. She maneuvers her wheelchair straight through the ramp and onto the bus. I can almost see people’s impatience melting away… Mine especially.

The bus gets going and I can see clearly now. I want to think that the blue-hooded female is calling her mates to come beat the crap out of the gang surrounding her…

My mind drifts in and out of cars and transportation and my annoying assignments. I try to think about it. It gives me excuses not to. Its not worth my attention it cries. I try to pull it back into my frontal lobes; they stay there for a while. Formulating… the introduction, the arguments, the main points… The references and how they will sound so good on the paper… Like the choir in church; singing harmonious incantations as they weave the notes and rhythms of the assignment…

Someone rings the bell. I try to time my exit perfectly. A polite contact of the eye shouts louder than her iBuds and the Asian lady next to me gets up. Her chunkiness is nothing compared to the bags she has. Boy, has she changed her appearance through the bus-ride or was I just too pre-occupied? Hmmm…

I take the last sip of my 8.45pm mocha and re-enter my living quarters

God bless!


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Wow, you should write a novel…haha

Comment by ash

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