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A Full Saturday…
17 June, 2007, 12:21 am
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Aside a few dramas and meeting a celebrity at work; the day went by pretty cruisily. Not to mention wet. And the weather forecast hasn’t been updated yet… It still shows “Saturday; mostly fine…” What the? Maybe cause it was blatantly raining so heavily that they didn’t even bother; I feel like I’ve been told, “Just look out the window, mate…”

Anyway, went shopping with SernLi at Hills Shopping Centre(?) the one next to church today (had to drive up to Hills to get something, but couldn’t get it… darn… :P) and found myself these two adorable things!

So cute right? haha! I have a thing with figurines… used to collect all those DIY robots and action figures and Lego people and all that but my uncle sorta forced me to remove them from my life. So I struck a compromise with him, I’ll just put all of them out of sight, put them in a plastic bag and not play with them; without actually throwing them out… hehe

But the reason behind my 11-12 year old (my age at that time; not the amount of time I had with the toys :P) dilemma was that he heard of cases where the figurines were telling kids what to do and they were not exactly ‘Christian’ things to do; if you know what I mean. Hehe I’m just so glad that there are godly people in my life which have directed my paths all these years.
Like our new youth pastors in the City… Danielle spoke on ‘Consumerism’ last night at powerHouse and for people our age, I think it is so apt! I was reminded of basic things like putting God first before other things in life (e.g. friends, work, money) and she had this one (bordering cliche, maybe already so) line which I have ‘forgetten’… “Use me, O Lord…”

The last time I really used those words and meant it was so long ago… I’ve been so caught up in doing things for the sake of doing things that I’m beginning to forget… Yikes! Scary isn’t it?

She also put it out there when she asked questions like if a really high-paying job comes along and requires you to sacrifice your time serving at church and all that; would you take it? Or would you settle for something the world sees as ‘less’ and continue to put Him (and therefore, His church) first? I was pretty happily reminded about that.

It seems like such a long time since I’ve heard basic things like this do you know what I mean? And I was thinking of going into investment and all ‘soon’ too… Saw this program on TV with this 40/50-year old woman with 25 properties already… She did a short interview and basically said, anyone, with the correct amount of wisdom and foresight, can get into property investment. I was getting all creative and excited but stopped and thought a bit when I was showering…

But so what when and if we get so much money? Fame? Glory? Not to mention the stress? Then it struck me… All the ‘Hillsong’ lines… ‘Blessed to be a blessing…’, ‘To him who is given much, much will be required…’, ‘Receive to give away…’

Then that settled my heart… I mean why else would you do it, right?

While we’re at this topic, I find Oprah pretty inspiring… She’s top dog in terms of wealth and all but top dog in giving too… I would say she’s got ‘it’…

God bless!


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hahaha your ogre baby cute ler! but the dronkey looks wierd!

Comment by Soo

cute right? haha real life cuter actually lOl!
ask ur sis to buy for u from Coles if you want haha the dronkey is actually quite nice in real-life as well… but looks like a demon… *shudder*

Comment by K.Lo

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