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First Week…
30 June, 2007, 1:05 am
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Friday took a long time coming but it is here. My first week being out of uni has been kind to me. Insane at times; crawling at others. Much of the stress has been from customers. In fact, ALL of the stress has been from customers. Basic etiquette seems to be thrown out the window and this coming from a guy who was born in the 80s…

There’s always gonna be people who are insecure enough to lash out at others I guess. I mean if you are secure enough with your place in the world, would you not look beyond yourself? Selfishness. That is the problem isn’t it?

We could go on about it forever but “you can never (not even expect) control what other people do to you but you can always control what you do to other people”.

Anyway, was thinking about leadership in powerHouse tonight and how people, in general, lead people to do things and say things which they want. Usually, a boss at work has the power to ask you to do the things he/she wants because if you refuse, they can fire you and you lose your income. Teachers and/or police and authorities can expel you from classes and/or arrest you and put you in jail/detention.

But what about other forms of leadership? Politicians for example, have no bearing on us whatsoever as individuals. We are a bunch of people to them and as long as the majority is kept happy, the politicians get re-elected.

Which brings me to the best form of leadership. Leadership in a voluntary organization. The tactics and rules and techniques of leadership in other forms of hierarchy cannot work here. If you don’t like your leader, you can just quit. There’s no harm done. If you refuse to do what your leader wants you to do, he/she cannot fire you. No consequences.

So, I was thinking, how then should leadership in this context be done? Immediately my mind wandered to a bookshop, telling myself that I should go get more leadership literature and brush up on my skills. Seconds later, I was reminded that Jesus was such a leader…

As I begin to unravel that fact, Jesus didn’t fire His disciples. He restored them when they went astray. He reprimanded them but He loved them. He walked the talk and taught the talk. He had utmost passion and vision. He knew what He was doing. He washed their feet. He served them. He pointed them to the Holy Spirit. He even permitted one of His disciples to send Him to His death. You could say He loved His disciples to death.

Leadership books?
Jesus is the living example…

God bless!

P.S. Cut my hair and went for a little shopping today too! Ralph Lauren at QVB is on clearance!!!


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