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The iPhone is not the next best thing.
1 July, 2007, 6:10 pm
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I don’t understand why people are all crazy over the iPhone (Well, at least the media is). They don’t even know what it is! Besides the “Wow, you have an iPhone, let me play with it…” comment from friends and strangers alike when and if you get one; I seriously don’t see what the fuss is all about.

Touch screens on phones are seriously… not new and browsing on your phone? Oh my goodness… Whatever for? Call me ‘old-fashioned’ but I still believe that people want to have a life besides the Internet. “Go take a step outside see what’s shaking in the real world” (John Butler Trio, 2007). (P.S. The Internet is not the real world).

The Apple iPhone sadly, when taken at a detailed look, is not the next best thing. Maybe the next best phone with 8GBs worth of memory. But certainly not the next best thing. [Read more here, here and here.]

While I’m at this, the recent hoo-ha with Paris Hilton has gotten people to protest against media coverage of her release as well. Thousands of people get released from jail every single day and honestly, their stories are certainly more worth thinking and reporting about! I think the iPhone goes into the same category. Its just a ploy by journalists to get a free one I think. Disgusting.

Ah well… Now to real life news…
Hillsong Conference 2007 has already started… The church was packed out today and one of my friends, hosting the morning session said he was tired already. Before Conference officially starts tomorrow! Haha! How cool is that!

I was thinking of you know how all these strangers leave their stamp and ‘rubbish’ on the church every year like this but I later repented and thought better. We are hosting Hillsong Conference. Hillsong Conference is just what we do every week in, every week out in church but only multiplied by thousands of times. It is the heart of the church that shines through; this local church.

If we are not secure enough and mature enough and big enough to be people who serve people who come into our house; why invite them in the first place? The goal of conference is to show that we are ordinary people with an extraordinary God. And guess what, when the dust settles and Conference is over, YOU go back to your church, YOU can do stuff with that extraordinary God too. And we will still be here, preparing the house, spring cleaning and improving ourselves, till the big party next year again!

2 Things To Thank God for…
1. The release of our new album, “My Saviour King”. Look out for it in the ARIA charts next week.
2. AUD7.4 million Miracle Offering. (In one week, we as a church raised AUD7.4 million dollars.) 10% goes to Gary and Marilyn Skinner in Kampala, Uganda for the Watoto Children’s Ministry; catered for the ‘Invisible Children’ other wise known as… child soldiers…

Our God is an awesome God!
God bless!

We had a bonfire at [undisclosed location] last night.
One of the most fun Saturday nights I have had in a long time.


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is that eraj’s kahkee? lol thanx for the lift home from the undisclosed location that day!

Comment by esther

Are you boasting at how much money your church made in one day? I thought Christians were NOT uspposed to be boasters at all.

So can I ask you something else, how come you are getting to go to Heaven?

Comment by Andrew B

Hey Andrew!

I’m clearly reminded about 1 Corinthians 1:31 when you said about boasting. I think the problem here is too often people separate the church and God. They cannot be separate entities! We’ve gotta understand that when the church obeys, we plant the seed, but God gives the growth.

I am boasting of a God who is able to do the things He does and a church that is not selfish.

As for the second part of your question, I’m not sure what you’re after since I’ve read your site and you seem to be a Christian yourself. I’m going to Heaven simply because of what Jesus exchanged divinely for me at the Cross. Nothing less, nothing more.

Hope that helps, Andrew.
God bless!

Comment by K.Lo

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