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Hillsong Conference and Armidale…
8 July, 2007, 8:29 pm
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This week has been HUGE! Unless you were here with me, you probably wouldn’t even believe the things that happened this week! For one, Hillsong Conference was rocking! 20k+ delegates and an estimated 100k+ people attending the night rallies.

I volunteered for Kidsong World, Pre-school. So basically taking care of 3-5 year olds from 8am-3pm. It’s not too bad really, skills you pick up serving in Kids over the weekends certainly come into play here. The thing is I was rostered to work every night as well. So straight after Kidsong, I will bolt to get on the train; fight to stay awake on the train and then launch myself into work.

I wasn’t tired per se but I find that I didn’t have the energy nor the drive to entertain unnecessary problems that creep up. So after four straight days of Kids and work, Kids and work, Kids and work and…. KIDS and WORK… I had to head out to Armidale for my IELTS test.

The drive takes 6 hours (official websites say) but I drove for 8 hours before arriving my destination on Friday morning! Took a few breaks and even had a nap in one of the rest areas! Hehe! I could not stay awake… The tiredness from the past few days have taken their toll (Probably had like 22 hours worth of sleep for the past 4 days; average of 5 hours a night!)… Like the signs keep reminding me, “Stop. Revive. Survive.” I think I would have crashed if I didn’t take that nap, my eyelids were so so heavy!

Anyway, checked into the local YHA and then went for a quick roundabout the town which was quite cool hehe Your usual Australian countrytown with its K-Mart, Target Country, Coles, Woolworths, KFC, McDs, chinese restaurants… hehe most of the towns I passed through were pretty interesting too. Feel like writing a compilation and a book from all these small towns… hehe

Anyway, had an early night and I might add I had the whole YHA to myself! The kitchen, the BBQ area, the room, the toilets! Wah… haha quite cool but funny that I didn’t feel scared hehe It wasn’t spooky! Yeah I think that’s it… It was… comfortable 🙂 Go YHA!

So woke up on Saturday morning, had commercialized packaged breakfast and went for the IELTS test. Don’t know how much I’m allowed to expose here but it was pretty alright. Not that hard obviously but not that straight forward too. My speaking interview was at 1340 and I seriously thank God it was that early (the latest candidate was 5pm!). The UNE staff did a great job and I seriously want to commend them!

Decided to drive back home since I was feeling energetic and 6 hours & 500 odd kilometres later, at 9pm, I turned off the car engine back at good ol’ St. Michael’s…

Now for the piccies!

The YHA was surrounded by caravan parks and horse paddocks!

Said horse paddock.

I should’ve taken a wider shot; didn’t realize the reflection was there till later… 😦

Oh! This school was beautiful! The leaf-less trees lining the field when viewed from the road bathed in the sunset light was magnificent…

The morning greeted me with this on my car. And my windshield water thingy was frozen! I couldn’t get the water to squirt out!

My biology training tells me this is some sort of cuckatoo 😛

The dividing post…

Take care girls and boys! More photos here.
Till next time!
God bless!


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Gosh, I love the pictures! esp the single tree.
I took my IELTS last weekend too, how did yours go?
Such a drag…3 hrs!!

Comment by Ashley

wow…tiring ay…didn realise u hv ielts straight after…u’l do fine =p n thanx for pasta night invite haha

Comment by esther

Ash > i tot ur IELTS was later than mine so i intentionally mentioned it here just in case u wanted pointers hehe but its all goodla… such a drag ah? hehe mine wuz interesting, so many china ppl and indian ppl hehe

Est > u gotta thank Anne and Bonnie! hehe u take care too!

Comment by K.Lo

Haha I took mine on the 7th and 9th, was that earlier? yea there were quite a number of indians and chinese at spore ielts.

Comment by Ashley

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