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Friday the 13th!
15 July, 2007, 7:57 pm
Filed under: Thoughts

So Optus was pretty desperate in pushing for me to renew my contract and the phones they had on offer weren’t that attractive. The Nokia E65 for goodness’ sake. It’s bland, unattractive, boring. But the day before the promo ended… they dropped a bomb and I took the bait…

I’m pretty happy with it. Besides having a pretty weighty full-metal body, it’s got a HUGE screen (which becomes a mirror when idle) and the resolution’s pretty crisp as well. The only thing I don’t like am getting used to is the boring themes (the Menu items are almost mono! Help!) and that it doesn’t have like a ‘favourite’ list for people you SMS most often to. So that means 3 extra clicks to go before you can send a message to a specific contact. I haven’t had the time, nor the energy to import my entire phonebook too. So… hehe

There are 6 potential buttons for you to navigate the phone even before you open it to reveal the keypad and the keypad is pretty sweet. Flat; reminscent of the Motorola Rzr but a bit more responsive I assume. But yeah I do find SMSing with my nails instead of my fingers to be more accurate. So non-petite fingers beware I guess. hehe The general responsiveness of the phone is also up to speed.

Oh well… enough of that I guess. Nothing much to blog about these few days… A lot of things that are taking up my headspace and heart-space are pretty personal.

To God be the glory.
God bless!


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