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Transformers… at last…
25 July, 2007, 6:06 pm
Filed under: Movies

Connect Group was off last night so I took the opportunity for a last-minute dash to the cinemas with SernLi to catch “Transformers”. He is a self-proclaimed fan so he didn’t mind watching it twice. It was my first time and I found it really… not bad.

The speed of the movie was amazing. It really is a male male kind of movie and bring a group of male friends to watch it I say; unless you’re a new couple and have nothing or nowhere else better to do or go… 😛 There is a breather of a couple of minutes in the middle of the movie to let your heart calm down and let your adrenaline levels down to normal before you embark on the last climax of the film.

I’m thinking of the 1st King Kong movie and comparing that to the graphics/CGI in this movie… I must say the human species have come a long way. Mind you, the Transformers world is but a dream. But it is a uber sweet dream. The graphics are almost faultless but little tricks help aid that (e.g. zooming in when they transform & fast blurred pictures when the action scenes are in motion).

I think trenchant is a word to explain the movie.’s word of the day two days ago. haha. Fast and vigorous. The script however is a let down; but I think I’ve seen this comment somewhere. The actors and actresses are alright but some of them are pretty crappy, like the guy in the suit in S7. Maybe he represented something from the cartoons but if he isn’t, he is a total waste of camera time.

And to end it off, the movie has impacted my life in a significant way.

I. want. THAT. Camaro. (I think if you hooked up one of those eye detector things to my eye while I was watching the movie, the Camaro got eyeballed more than Megan Fox :P).

God bless!


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