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Amazing grace…
6 August, 2007, 12:03 am
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Something happened today which made me think and re-think of things and people that are going on around me.

I don’t know. Sometimes I don’t know who’s real and who’s not and it really frustrates me. One setback and I feel like a dyslexic kid who cannot read people’s signs, signals and body language. Not to mention the hidden meanings behind words and thoughts left unsaid.

And the only way for me to confirm my suspicions and doubt is to talk to other people about it. And it ends up sounding like… gossip. And sometimes listening to myself while I’m spitting out words makes me wonder what people think of me? Is there such thing as healthy gossip? I hold on to the principle that whatever I say behind people’s back, I will eventually say it to their face. That’s a fine and dandy principle… until you find out that other people don’t really hang on to that principle.

But that’s a sad way to live isn’t it? Eyes darting with paranoia, cold sweat, short breaths. Ok a tad exagerrated :P. Anyway my point is there will always be judgment and opinions from other people on yourself and I guess everyone needs to live with it. I think this is the part where admissions of my… *dreads this word* insecurities comes in.

What are insecurities anyway? Is it the opposite of arrogance? Isn’t self-confidence almost always misinterpreted as a false sense of self-importance? Who has this perfect blend of humility and self-belief? Where do we derive this self-importance from anyway? From our job? From our gifts and talents? From a higher power? From our parents? Family? From friends? From our ‘subordinates’? From an adherence to rules? Or the opposite?

Material possession? A ’cause’? Spiritual awareness? Psychological understanding? Our education? The amount of hits on our blog? The amount of friends on our Facebook? The suburb/country we stay in? Places we have been/want to go?

Hmm… I’m reminded again… I think our security should always come from principles we build our lives on. Whatever that might look like. But what about the criminal who has strong principles on murdering everyone who doesn’t deserve to live? In his/her heart, that’s a pretty strong principle and he/she derives identity (and ultimately security) from doing the clearly wrong ‘right’ thing…

I’m reminded again. We can never control how others treat us but we can always control how we treat others…

Now time to live…
And let live…
God bless!


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Las inseguridades son parte de nuestra vida… dudamos si somos amados…
dudamos de la verdad del amor que nos dan…

y en ocasiones la inseguridad nos destruye…
y destruye lo bueno a nuestro alrededor…

Por que no confiar en la bondad de los demás?

Por que no confiar en su verdad?

Por que pensar sólo nosotros somos correctos?

Yo estuve puesta en situación de dudas…

Como podría ahora confiar???

Sin embargo elijo amar sin pedir retribución.

Elijo ser amiga aunque no confíen en mi

Que otra cosa podría hacer???

Llenarme de odio y rencor???

Jesús no respondió así.

Si logras entender la idea y el idioma piensa en ello por favor!!


Comment by principito

oh wow…

did an online translation and this is what principito says…
“The insecurities are part of our life… we doubted if we are loved… we doubted the truth of the love that they give us… and sometimes the insecurity destroys to us… and it destroys the good thing to ours around… So that not to trust the kindness of the others? So that not to trust its truth? So that to think only we are correct? I was put in situation of doubts… As he could now trust? Nevertheless I choose to love without requesting repayment. I choose to be friend although they do not trust my That another thing could do? To fill of hatred and resentment to me? Jesus did not respond thus. If you manage to understand the idea and the language he thinks please about it! Affections”

Thanx stranger!

Comment by K.Lo

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