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Comfort in numbers…
9 August, 2007, 10:15 am
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I’m just starting this blog off with a weird feeling I had on the bus yesterday. Or was it a couple of days ago? (It’s funny how your days gel into one when you work an irregular, non 9-5 job). And then reminded again in conversation over lunch with SernLi yesterday.

It’s not weird per se but I felt it was like something come true which I never really put much thought into it. I’ve heard of the phrase before, heck, even used it to justify some of my ([and the people around me]’s) actions but I think I’ve finally found my way through the phrase “humans are social beings”.

We all like to people-watch right? We like to guess and let our imagination run wild while staring at this all-innocent person walking by. Judging them by their clothes, hair, makeup, stride, eye contact (or not), gadgets they are carrying, etc. In short, we find comfort in looking at other people [Note: Comparing and looking are entirely different things]. We need to know that there are others just like us out there. Living, breathing, walking, just plain being alive. See? Humans. Are. Social. Beings!

OK, we’ve got that part of the argument covered but most people nowadays shun human contact! Sincere gestures are manipulated, re-manipulated, programmed, judged and re-programmed through all of life’s learned disappointments, bitterness, hurt, insincerity, and a simple, sincere, out of the heart “How are you?” turns into a “I need something from you” by the time it reaches the other person’s cerebral space.

Heck, I am guilty of that too. You don’t usually say “How are you?” to someone until you need something from that someone right? Think about it. How sad! But I guess there is the comfort that you only need a small circle of ‘close friends and family’ to keep your spirits up but is that really the way to live? In a closed, insular, protective lie that you are actually good enough to face the world?

Or actually face the world, learn from it. Be above your insecurities. Tackle the world head-on with a bring it on attitude and emerge at the end above the scars, bruises and trauma of metamorphosis and actually becoming a real butterfly [as opposed to a caterpillar who thinks it can fly].

I think the challenge in today’s modern society is being mindful and understanding, empathizing [feeling what the other person feels] with whoever you come across; actually taking the time to listen and to formulate what actually goes through that person’s mind and regurgitating information through conversation that matches that person’s needs. Sometimes words can be left unsaid too and that can truly… be enough.

Now go change someone’s day!
God bless!


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The days gel into one, even when you work a daily 9-5 job. I can’t diff the days some days.

Comment by thereflector

La desconfianza es una practica habitual
Y nos quedamos solos… tan solos…
Dudamos de cada gesto sincero…
Dudamos de un abrazo afectuoso…
Se confunde todo… Se confunde todo…
busco un amigo en quien confiar!!!
Estoy tan sola que mi compañía es un blog?…

Comment by principito

Reflextor > wuahaha i find comfort in that 😛

principito says
“The distrust is one practices habitual and we remained single… so single… We doubted each sincere gesture… We doubted an affectionate hug… Everything is confused… Everything is confused… I look for a friend in whom to trust! I am so single that my company is blog…”

Ai… singleness is something you should enjoy, principito! 😉

Comment by K.Lo

KLO! it’s been ages! how have you been??? *no, i dont need anything from you.. haha

Comment by cheryl

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