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30 August, 2007, 10:14 pm
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Stressing over my visa right now but while falling asleep last night… The TV suddenly popped up with these two US preachers highlighting the fact that we need to be ‘still and know that I am God’.

I find that the more stressed you are the higher your chances of not thinking clearly and rationally are. I can read myself the signs of my brain heading towards a negative pathway and quickly avert its course. Take a few breaths. Pray and then just be still. Be still and know that He is God.

The world says ‘be still’. Be zen. But it does not offer the other part of the prescription. The ‘and know that I am God’ part. The world fails.

There are so many half-baked truths out there that it’s sad. This one included… The Star’s report on Sydneysiders and APEC. I work in the City and thank God I’ve got the week off but I think most of us are actually excited that its happening. At least I am… Sure we’re gonna be inconvenienced but if you have nothing to hide, I find the extra attention welcoming haha

Anyway, plenty of exercises have been going on. Black hawk helis hovering, evacuation plans updated, CCTVs cleaned, information booklets given out and communication abound. It’s pretty cool but I just want to highlight the fact that the APEC meeting only closes off a very small portion of the City. Besides work and holidaying, you would probably never go into that area of the City anyway.

Sydney is pretty big and honestly planning around just three freaking days of APEC ain’t that hard. Honestly, how many of us actually park in the City anyway? (Cars are not allowed to park on most City roads during APEC) Rich bastards I reckon. Rich enough to cry like babies when for once things don’t go according to their ‘convenience’ haha. I can’t help but laugh; how important is that really? lOl I think it all comes down to jealousy. Jealous that such a fumbling man (i.e. Bush) can be a leader of a great nation… and not them. Well, if you fume at such a small inconvenience, is it really that much of a wonder?

Ah well… the new Canon 40D is out! Looks good to me but I think it still has an APS-C (non full-frame) sensor.

Oh yeah and been reading this Dylan Jones’ book I got for my birthday. “Mr Jones’ Rules for the modern man” its called. It’s pretty good. Jones is GQ’s (UK) editor. He gives a lot of sophisticated advice, as you would expect from an editor of GQ but I think most of it suits men like him. Old and worn and honestly… boring. But there are a few VERY good tips in the book… Like NEVER wear brown belts and black shoes together and how to make martini, etc… Inspiring me to make an Asian man version… 😉

Anyway… pix from UTS Mini Exo Day today here!

God bless!


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