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Canberra and flowers. Inseparable.
12 September, 2007, 4:29 pm
Filed under: Amazed, Canberra, Canon EOS 400D, dSLR, Pictures

Went up to Canberra on Monday to renew my passport at the Malaysian High Commission and had like about 4 and a half hours to kill before collection and Canberra was explored by this blogger with his little Echo (of course, getting lost in the State Circle, City Circle and all the other circles of Canberra is much of a tourist get-to-do as well).

Too bad it rained if not would have taken better pictures at the zoo or something. Opted for Brand Depot instead, which is pretty much like Sydney’s DFO and eeriely reminded me of places like The Curve in KL and other sprawling mega shopping centres around the globe. You know where you have this massive shopping centre with like nothing but brown sand and construction going around it. Yup, Brand Depot was exactly like that. They have a Starbucks too! *ahem* But didn’t find anything I liked… which is sad…

After all of 20 minutes of shopping (5 minutes in the dunny), the weather cleared and I braved the Australian National Botanic Gardens! There’s just something about leptospermums, grevilleas, eucalyptuses, banksias and other latin derivations that make me excited *nervous giggle*. Anyway… took some pictures amidst the two tour groups (which all had silver hair) and enjoyed the dry Australian walk…










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God bless!


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