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Lessons of Love…
20 September, 2007, 1:26 pm
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Paul and Andi Andrew spoke at PowerHouse’s Love series last night. They gave us lessons to learn in love during the three periods of our lives. These are obviously what they deem as the most important one-liners and there are obviously plenty plenty more to learn in our lives and the lives of our friends, partners and future partners… 🙂

The Single Years…
Andi – Falling 100% in love with Jesus is not a cop-out.
Paul – A cause can keep you. It saves you from distractions, makes you more attractive and being idle is just plain dangerous.

The Dating Years…
Andi – Communication really is the key. There’s gotta be a balance in communication.
Paul – The benefits of boundaries (2 Tim 2:22)
a) Boundaries only work when they are talked about in advance
b) When they are of both your convictions
c) Boundaries only work when they are tangible

Early Marriage Years…
Andi – We all come into marriage with baggage, its what we do with it. She gave the example of ‘excess baggage’ when we check-in into an airplane, we might tend to ignore it but when the bags are weighed, and we are found over, our lovely lady-at-the-counter will ask us to pay up. So we need to deal with the baggage before we get to the airport.
Paul – The power of ‘One’. Lots of couples compromise for disunity and sometimes it shows for example when Mom disciplines one way and Dad disciplines another way, the child learns to manipulate and play with the disunity.

Yeah, so those were from the notes I took last night and I think these are really great tips. We’re all in these 3 categories and would be looking to change the situations someday or another unless you’re married of course haha! 😛

Anyway, more later!
God bless!


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