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The week that was…
28 September, 2007, 9:06 am
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Spent much of the week browsing through the shelves of Video Ezy in the City. Movies that have passed through my hands include Smokin’ Aces, Shooter, Epic Movie, Idiocracy, Wild Hogs and soon to be watched, Syriana. I loved Shooter the most and Wild Hogs, Epic Movie and Idiocracy comes a close second just cause they made me laugh. Sure Smokin’ Aces had Andy Garcia and all but it just lacked the ummph I expect I guess. I think nothing beats the Ocean series in this genre. Anyone else know of any movies which is similar to Ocean’s 11/12/13???

Ah well… Things are going well elsewhere too, had the retreat to Jervis Bay on Monday and Tuesday with the USYD Hillsong Campus crew, had a ton of fun there, took my video camera instead of my SLR so no stills yet. I suck at videocamming man… It needs so much patience and obviously everything is not scripted and people clam up when they see a videocam O_o! You should embrace the camera people! Haha!

Anyway, had an interview at work yesterday too. My boss’ boss seems happy and I think she was genuinely happy for me and the company that I want to take up this position. hehe! I’m all for expanding myself man! Woo-Huh! Can’t wait to make mistakes! Haha!

And I’m starting on work experience for another career-related position too, hopefully soon. Don’t be mistaken, I have had doubts on whether God will bring me through this time or not but I think as I continue to trust Him day by day by day, I realize that He remains the same regardless of OUR situation.

And serving Him is totally not the same as being with Him. It does help to keep you focused but like the Mary and Martha story, I guess the heart of God is always seeking to be with you and not take from you necessarily. I’m reminded of this principle that He refreshes Himself by giving. So the more you take from Him, the stronger He becomes.

So draw from Him I suppose…
He can only get stronger…
God bless!


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I know! I know! Pierce Brosnan acted in it with Rene Russo. It’s called The Thomas Crown Affair. Go check it out. I loved it.

Comment by pamsong

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