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3 October, 2007, 11:05 pm
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Tremendous. Not a word we use nowadays do we? Heard it over the tele today and thought it’d be a great title for an entry so there it is. No reason for it to be there besides that I guess. Haha~

Went for ‘Connect Group’ last night and as usual we just mulled around discussing nothing really. Anyway, managed to pinch off “The God Delusion” by Richard Hawkins (author also of “The Selfish Gene”) from one of the boys and have been reading it since. He (Dawkins) seems so angry with religion and unsurprisingly, Christianity is one of the main subjects of the lashing of his anger. I’m only at the ending of chapter 1 but so far his arguments seem intelligent with big words and massive quotes but still fail to address things in more detail. Well, it is detailed as in it quotes history and modern texts but no detail enough to really shake a person from the inside out. Maybe as I read more, more will be revealed…

Watched “Letters From Iwo Jima” too today. It’s pretty draggy though and there are obvious scenes where it and “Flags of Our Fathers” overlap. It’s really like comparing apples to oranges though if you put the films side by side. Sure you get your sepia-ish tinge and recurring military themes but all in all they are two very different stories, two very different themes. Perhaps the only thing in common is their dragginess and sheer length.

And it was hot hot hot today! The hottest spring day in 150 years apparently. But the night has brought the breeze with it, thankfully! Hmmm… got my graduation pack today too… October 26th, 9.30am. Mom’s coming on the 21st. Planning to get her a Korean hairdo and colour when she gets here on top of good food and things to do. Haha! Mission Pamper Mom here I come!

Oh yeah, I got the promotion at work too! hehe Pretty excited about it… If you are a John C. Maxwell reader, I am lifting my lid… 😉 Been eyeing this position for sometime and the people around me have been nothing but supportive… Tears and stress here I come! 😀

God bless!


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