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Does Anybody See Her?
11 October, 2007, 9:48 pm
Filed under: RanDom

The tinge of the morning sun bathes her window as she slowly rouses from her sleep. She dreamnt of him again. The touch of his fingers on her skin and how he always used to whisper words of love into her ears. She would never know how to respond, she wasn’t used to it. She used to laugh, used to remember his words for a moment or two. He would squeeze her hands, promise her the world… just to see her smile.

But today is different.

She’s wearing orange today. Matches the sun’s rays she thought. She slid open her drawer to find the matching iPod earphones… orange. Great! Then there’s always green tomorrow and yellow the following day.

The shower greets her groggy demeanor with a refreshing stance so poignant that she shakes off the sleepiness almost instantly. Her orange iPod wires can’t seem to go away with the grogginess. Her thoughts seem to tear apart as she criss-crosses between her orange blouse and his stubbled face…

“This can’t be happening… Where is he?”

She double checked her keys before locking the door and steps out in her two-week old creased shoes; showing only the split of her toes, leaving her feeling like every step is a thunderous shot to the ball of the leg. Still, her orange iPod wires leave her feeling ready.

“So many things to go through today… But only one day to the weekend!”

She mentally prepares her yellow iPod earphones. But as the day turns into a cold breezy night she boards the bus, takes a seat 2nd row from the half of the bus and settles down next to a fellow modern slave. This guy stomps onto the bus, arms flailing, TravelTen at the ready… She acknowledges him as he passes by; his eyes transfixed on her orange iPod wires…

He writes an entry in his blog.

God bless!


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Great entry man! =)

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