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A Small Country’s Entire Annual GDP!

It just dawned on me what has happened today. JC, Marvin and myself (together with a couple of hundred of others) would have probably set our eyes on millions of dollars worth of automobiles. Two of these babies would easily fetch a million (Lamborghini Murcielago Coupe (LP640) and Bentley of your choice), not to mention the other super and not so supercars…

The Maserati Gran Turismo was featured on the cover of the official magazine of the show, which I find really surprising. Last year, as you would remember, was the more unusual Saab Aero X.

It’s a nice car with a nice price tag but cheaper options are available if you want something like this, do you know what I mean? It just doesn’t really justify the price tag, I reckon. Sure there’s leather seats, seat control, etc but nothing no aftermarket colluding cannot fix I guess. Don’t know, maybe its just boils down to the simple fact that it is not wide enough… Like Ferraris/Lambos ALWAYS turns heads no matter who you are or whether you’re into cars or not but save the three-spoke spear, Maserati has really nothing going for it, in my humble opinion.

Now this one… The Audi R8; had me looking at it the longest… Haha! The best car (again, visually speaking), I reckon, the motorshow had to offer this year…

Prices start from 249k for a manual one if I remember correctly.

And this one’s for SernLi… The Lancer Evo 10… What’s the Roman numeral for 10? X right? Ok, the Lancer Evo X. Keke!

And if you ever wonder, one of my dreams is to own a ute… This new one from Holden is beaauutiful… Bring on the V8… Vrroooom!

And apparently the Lexus F is a serious contender to the BMWs M series and Mercedes’ AMG series… (Referenced Lo Senior, 2007).

The buldge on its hood may well be signs of something bigger underneath. And of course… lastly but surely… a car that no sane human soul can carry itself to hate…

More of the motorshow in pictorial form here.

God bless!


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Great pics – great cars.
I just wish they were larger…

Comment by mscofield

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