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What does it feel like to be fully human…
4 November, 2007, 9:25 pm
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Pastor Brian Zahnd visited us this morning at church, spilling over from the Men’s Conference which happened over the weekend. He spoke, in his own intellectual borderline geek manner on how the things of God come about. He spoke about Acts 17:28 that “For in him we live and move and have our being”. That quote is actually a quote from this poet who lived way before Paul (who wrote Acts) and is actually referring to the ultimate Greek God, Zeus.

The point is Paul used something that was common to the people of Athens (centre of cultural beauty, philosophy and poetic energy) to speak to the people of Athens.

A few other things which caught my ear today was hearing Ps. Zahnd talking about how living for yourself is like manufacturing a blackhole cause we do not have enough substance to sustain ourselves. So this self-centred orbit collapses on ourselves, creating a blackhole with no means of escape. The thing is when an observer sees something/someone approaching a real outer space blackhole, they see that something/someone getting distorted, torn apart then vanish into the blackhole but for the thing/person experiencing it, they do not feel a thing until its too late; trapped. Forever.

And lastly the thing that captured my heart was when he spoke on how to become fully human. I don’t know about you but I sure sometimes feel numb. So numb to life and the routine of life that you just forget what its like to be who you were meant to be. The thing is to always remember that to be fully human, we need to have a vibrant, active relationship with God.

Having read the “God Delusion” (albeit till chapter 2), I was starting to wonder why atheists are atheists. Then Ps. Zahnd gave an excellent rebuttal to such things. You cannot ask “if there is a God” cause God is not an object, He is a subject. He is invisible because He is omnipresent. A great example I heard this morning was this… Imagine this guy collecting experiences from people about lions, having statistics about lions, watching documentaries about lions and reading books about lions… And then this other bloke who encounters a lion. God is not something we study but someone we encounter…

Now how heavy is that?

Experiments with fruits and flashes…

Have a… fruitful week! 😛
God bless!


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