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You know its summer when…
27 November, 2007, 9:45 pm
Filed under: Movies, Music, Sydney

1. You go to the beach strip and your friend comments on ‘bronzed bodies’.

Well, you know the saying… if you got it… flaunt it…

2. You witness violent road rage!

This was so exciting! At first I heard honking and then I saw this guy at the window of this van. So I thought, oh yeah, they’re probably saying their goodbyes and manage to hold up traffic in the mean time then the guy starts violently palming the driver of the van and stopped short of kicking in his door. Then in a twist of great amazement on my part, he walks over back to his empty car just next to van and gets into his car, zooming off!

So putting all the pieces together, I deduced that the driver of the van was a victim of a rather violent road rage attempt… The thing is the bloke that got out of his car looked like a normal white guy you know, unwashed Mazda MX5, tucked in dark shirt and slacks with smart leather shoes, reddish hair… It’s crazy…

But to me whatever kind of roadrage is unwarranted… What more getting out of your car and attacking someone! That’s just criminal behaviour… Ah well… But if humour was a crime, Jackass Two would definitely be jailed for life!

Popped the DVD in before I went to sleep last night thinking like all other DVDs, it would lull me to sleep… But oh boy how wrong was I! I was laughing my head off and just plain disgusted by the things they are able to do! Amazing! Hilarious yet amazing… A definite recommended watch… Of course, don’t mind the frequent coarse language…

And can I just plug Alicia Keys in this post? Her new album is nothing short of amazing, she says its her personal best so far and I seriously think it shows. Very clean, something special and great chillout music. Bobby Valentino is not too bad too but his lyrics are pretty simple, but with a beat like his, who needs lyrics I guess… And lastly and certainly least… Seal’s latest album… Oh my gosh… Its definitely made for the 35-40 year olds in mind… Don’t believe me? Go and take a listen… If you dare… You will totally understand what I mean…

God bless!


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