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29 November, 2007, 10:01 pm
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Stolen from Ash B’ Gash! (An ode to Osh B’ Gosh!)

ThanX Ash! hehe

1 thing that amused me:
– There was this 40 year old-ish guy in the bus. This was like 5:14AM in the morning right, and he was on his earphones listening to some New Age, techno/atmospherical music… Rather loudly…

1 thing that made me laugh:
We were muckin’ around in work, talkin’ like this when then a colleague couldn’t stop as we were talkin’ about The Shinin’ and blurted Stephen Kin’ totally unintentionally.

1 thing that made me smile:
-There are still kind people out there buying coffee…

1 thing that made me excited:
– Researching about motherboards… As in computer motherboards… Learnt so much!!! My knowledge is still stuck to 1998-99 industry standards I think… But not anymore, my friend… not anymore!

1 thing that I’m happy about:
– That something rather special is going to someone rather special soon…

1 thing I’m proud of:
– The power besieged at my fingertips when the Google webpage loads…
– (Oh yeah and that Penny Wong, the new Climate Change and Water Minister for Australia is from Sabah…)

1 thing I am looking forward to: (OK, maybe a few… :P)
– Being able to play Crysis
– Going home to pit the Nissan Skyline 2007 against the Lexus GS350… RawR!

Oh well… Going for classes/training tomorrow! Air-conditioned, seated, whiteboard markers and silence… Lucky it only lasts for one day… 😛

God bless!


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Haha!! I was just feeling so sian the other day so I thought I’d cheer myself up by writing just one thing that made me…happy, excited, smile….

Did you feel happy after blogging this entry?

Comment by Ash B Gash

Do I feel happy ah? It feels goodla… But feeling good doesn’t mean happy hor? 😉 Slightlyla I guess… hehe but its more like you remember things more clearly as you recall and put into words… hehe

Am I making ANY sense at all? 😛
God bless!

Comment by K.Lo

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