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I will be still…
13 December, 2007, 12:16 pm
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In this fast and often-rushed world, we have tendencies to be wanting to do things although these said things are not amounting to anything substantial. Like letting your feet off the brake and allowing your car to creep forward when the lights are about to turn green.

Like accelerating till your blowoff activates only to see the red light greet you 100 metres away. Or spending money on mangoes… (AUD2.98 per mango!) Or chocolate… but I think chocolate might be an exception here…

Or playing games maybe? I’m playing STALKER, Shadow Of Chernobyl now and its a pretty good game. Long and hard hehe But I’ve realised that what is deemed ‘substantial’ by you could well be deemed stupid and unnecessary by others! Such is life isn’t it?

Or things like going to church? Or vice-versa, going to clubs and parties, drugs and alcohol… What is deemed necessary by one group is shunned as unacceptable by the other.

But I guess that’s the beauty of humans isn’t it… How individually we are all so different from each other… Like I meet a lot of customers at work and sometimes I tend to overlook the ‘easier’, ‘quieter’, non-assertive customers but I take a second look and realize that as this customer takes out his/her money to pay for the drink, that money had to come from somewhere… It might be from picking oranges, working at Coles, cleaning toilets… Or anything! Then you go… ‘Thank you’… cause you realize that this transaction is more than just a beverage…

But anyway… I guess the point I’m trying to make here is everyone is on a journey and if you see people going faster than you or slower than you… There is no need to judge yourself accordingly, no need to overcompensate… You’ll only waste your turbos and look like a fool…

On a brighter note… The annual Hillsong Street Festival on Young Street!

God bless!


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