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There is no Plan B…
17 December, 2007, 5:18 pm
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So the UN talks in Bali have ended. The new Australian PM made his first international debut; and this is what he had to say…

“There is no plan B; There is no other planet any of us can escape to.
We only have this one.”
Kevin 07.

And then less than two days later, the ‘US pours cold water on Bali optimism‘. So apparently all the 190 countries agreed (at the end of the talks) to work out a formidable, subjective, measurable goal by 2009. And the US does a about-turn less than two days later… They were jeered and booed at the conference and the US delegate seemed to just ‘cave in’. I mean what’s the use of that? You say ‘yes’ just to get through the day and then do a about-turn less than 24 hours later? My my…

You can say this global warming thing have been sparked off by Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth‘. If that is true then would it be fair to say that the Bush adminstration is bitter that a political arch rival is using a bigger cause (e.g. NOT internal Congress debates, lawmaking debates, internal security debates) to take control of a yet bigger political/global stage?

In the aftermath of the film, various responses have been hurled from the other end of the spectrum, saying that this is a natural progression, that it has happened before and that there is more research suggesting there is NO global warming than there IS.

But I think this climate change bandwagon, which has (190-1), 189 horses pulling it is pretty convincing and even if it is not true, that indeed it is a whole conspiracy urging the US and subsequently other developed countries to slow down their economy and India and China to progress ahead; well, it boils down to Rudd’s statement isn’t? There being no plan B…

But say there is no global warming, no climate change… What’s wrong with putting the environment first? The worst case scenario, climate change isn’t real; but you’ve slowed down your economy (Oh! Darn!) and you lose a little of your economic control of the world, which you have comfortably held since like whenever.

The best case scenario, the world gets saved from global warming, countries get united on a cause, alternative sources of power are developed, humans are saved from their imminent extinction and we give the Earth a breather, extending the beauty she has to offer to our children…

I don’t know, from my perspective, it’s clear to me. The pride of one country (which by the way has one of the world’s lousiest education systems) versus the ensuring of the continuity of mankind.

But the US have always been a PR deployer of sorts. Their whole government is based on spin and twisting of words and a giving of false promises and ‘feel good’ words. But aren’t all governments like that? Why? Why? Why? Is this the tiny question that makes people run for politics? Argh! But once they get into office, they seem to be the same isn’t it?

Sigh… Such helplessness…

Oh… and what’s this? Something totally detrimental to global warming is about to be released in 2008? What are these people thinking? Sigh… BMW X6… If you own (or think of owning) a X3, X5, ML63 or a Cayenne; PLEASE! For the life of me, you and the entire sanity of the world… Read this

God bless!


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