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Rule Breakers…
20 December, 2007, 10:30 pm
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OK, so yeah, I drive a hatchback. But does that give you the right to come up right to my arse so that I can see you oh so very clearly (every clogged pore and every ‘decorated’ nose hair) through every single one of my mirrors? I don’t think so. I don’t know, I’ve never felt this violated in my life… Every single trip in my car, there is at least one moron which flashes his clogged pore at me.

What can you do? I usually flip the middle finger my mirror up, ignore the nosehair and drive on. But it sticks to you. Sometimes I tailgate him back, other times, I’m the bigger man. You do notice I’m attacking the male sub-gender here? There’s just something when men get into their cars. They feel incredibly stupid invincible…

Well, I guess it’s good that you’re proud of your car but honestly I think there’s more to life than your car. Or the way that you drive. Oh gosh… No indicators? It IRKS me to the max! To me, it’s as if you’re saying, “Hey, the road is mine… Now stare at my balding middle-aged pathetic excuse for a head of hair!”

The thing is… I’ve never felt this irked driving home back in Malaysia. Even though yes people cut into your queue like nobody’s business and they do silly things but it seems like their whole identity doesn’t depend on it you know? People in Sydney drive as if their identity depends on it. Oh I’m a go-getter, so I shall cut you in traffic and reach the RED freaking light faster. Or they try to make up for their shrinking balls receding hairline by doing uncalled for, extremely rude things in traffic.

I don’t know… Or maybe its my driving… OK, let’s dedicate one sentence to that.

OK, for example I drove like a psycho on the later part of my trip tonight and people seem to be OK with it. Maybe they’re used to ppl driving crazy? But its ridiculous… Which brings me to my next point… ‘Law-breakers’ always end up on the goodside of the bargain.

Consider the US and their sole ignorance of global warming. If the whole world shrinks back on their economy to save the planet but the US puts on their armor of ignorance, they win. If you drive like a lowlife, scum-filled, uncivilized, dangerous, pathetic excuse of a human being, you win. If you thread on everyone’s tail while biting the top dog right in the face, you reach the top; your boss rewards you for ‘initiative’ and ‘ability to plan ahead’.

But it’s a very sad life to live I must say. What is it to a man if he gains the whole world but forfeits his own soul? The soul is the seat of emotion in a human being. When you/us/we/me become emotionless, numb, we lose our soul; if we’re lucky we gain the world. But what is accomplishment without emotion? Without a soul? No sense of fulfillment, no sense of joy, zero sense of care and of course the lowest level of love – hatred.


It’s a cycle isn’t it? I pray pray pray that I will never to learn to hate. Maybe I already have? People are easy to hate and stay bitter towards to; that’s why loving and forgiving someone needs a bigger man to execute.

Now get a life, pore-flasher.

God bless!


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summer not that hot yet.. 🙂

Comment by marvo

i think i’m gonna go on a roadrage spree one day man…

Comment by K.Lo

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