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It’s Christmas again…
24 December, 2007, 10:35 pm
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I find Christmas this year pretty weird. I don’t know why; there’s just no ‘bang’. It’s like, oh here we go again, it’s Christmas; what a chore! I am still finding the meaning of THIS Christmas and I hope to find it as I write this post.

Maybe cause we’ve been playing Christmas songs at work. But it’s only been there since last Tuesday. And I must say, the funky ones are really, really nice! So when a ‘normal’ carol comes along, I find it extremely hard to take it seriously.

But something special happened today amidst the red and white… A customer handed me a candy cane with a note attached to it. It had a 14-16 size font at the top, “Did you know?”. It then went on to explain how Christmas is about Jesus and how He was born for the redemption of our sins.

I said, “Oh yay, I’m Christian too and I’ll pass this on”. She was so shy and just smiled profusely and started to walk away. How sweet right! I mean she was like 40+ years old with husband and kid in tow and she gave the candy cane to me at the last possible moment, whipping it out of her handbag.

I respect that. I mean imagine her typing away at her computer the pre-planned words and wrapping who knows how many of these little ‘evangelical gadgets’. It’s beyond cool I think…

Sigh… I just wanna give her a big hug and encourage her to continue what she’s doing… It’s amazing but she probably knows it already…

It’s sad really that sometimes we get so focused on gifts, we forget the Ultimate Gift; the One which is the reason for the season. Everything pales in comparison really… The turkey, the cranberry, Santa Clause, the Boxing Day shopping, the credit card debt… If all this disappears and nothing else exists but the birth of Jesus during this day, would Christmas be as big as it is?

Ah well… this year, Christmas for me will be remembered as the Christmas I wondered why people get excited for Christmas…

God bless!


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