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The New Year?
30 December, 2007, 9:23 pm
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Oh, here we go again, I know; exactly one week after Christmas is New Year. What is the new year anyway? Again, I don’t find the new year a particular thing to rave about… You mean the sun suddenly rises from the west when we ‘usher’ in the new year?

What is there to ‘usher’ in anyway? Isn’t the 1st of January the same as the 31st of December? Years and dates are but human concoctions and why ‘usher’ something which a fellow human hath created? What’s the importance in that? Why waste millions on fireworks? When every single year; it. is. the. same. Poof, PEEEWwwwW… Stupid people using flashes on their digicams and then wows of delight and “Woooh…”… “ahhh…” so that when you’re recording the fireworks on your videocam all you can hear is that.

Ah well… Yeah, and then apparently an extra 715 police are gonna be deployed in the city. If there was no fireworks, there would be no crowds, then you won’t have the need for the police… Right?

And don’t even get me started on freaking new year resolutions… We are all in our personal seasons, regardless of dates and months and the weather. Like if you have a credit card debt on the 31st of Dec, it won’t disappear on the 1st of January. And sorry, that dream car you say you’ll be getting next year? Nope, not gonna come automatically…

I guess the only thing the new year should remind us that we need to make full use of our lives regardless of the year. Live every single day to its fullest. Release that word you wanted to say so bad. Encourage that workmate. Strike up that conversation. Get those freakin flowers. Take up the hobby you dreamed of… TODAY. And search for that dream job. NOW.

There is no fairy tale about a new year, a new leaf. Life’s real and the wrong actions we take, or rather, the right actions we do NOT take will lead us astray from God’s purposes in our lives…

His mercies are new every MORNING… not every year.

God bless!

Homemade Kimchi Hotpot
Me first attempt at Korean homemade hotpot!
Not too bad actually, but me think it needs very much more many kimchis.


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Aiyo, K.Lo…I sense some jaded-ness in your post!
Fireworks are nice! and it is good to have sth to celebrate in life once in a while, we need such occasions to keep us going?
Happy New Year!
Get some rest, u looked so tired…

Comment by Ash

I’m so jaded nowadays hor?
Sigh, what to do… no gf here then jaded loh 😀

We need such occasions to keep going? But like what Julia A’Bell said what, its the matter in the MOMENTS… hehe

Ah well… slept at 5.30am… after i commented on your photo then woke up at 11+! Woo-Huh! Took a walk out on the roof before I slept too… Saw the 1st sunrise of the year… priceless.

Comment by K.Lo

Wow how cool is that?!
1st sunrise of the year!
Yea, I slept at ard that time too, just b4 i went to bed, I saw the sky lit up!
Ahhh 2008!

Comment by Ash B Gash

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