Life is better than death. Love; greater than either…

1 January, 2008, 9:21 pm
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I don’t think a lot these days beyond what I can control. I look at the news and feel a sense of helplessness, I look at people and feel that I want to help them but await for that moment they ask for help. Things that directly affect me, I can control but somehow a flooding sense of bewilderment and awe hits me everytime my mind wanders away from my immediate life circle.

As I hung up the new calendar for the year, taping each month with cellophane (so that the paper doesn’t tear and lest the whole calendar falls off the nail), I foresee the days ahead and a sense of uncertainty overwhelmed me. It’s scary to think of the future, especially since I wonder of how differing job opportunities and alternative living conditions will affect me and my current lifestyle. But we all settle into a routine after a while isn’t it?

I took down last year’s calendar and flipped through the year with my fingers. It ended in less than 10 seconds. That’s what it feels like isn’t it? Its at times like this that my good old positive influential mentor’s voice comes into mind… “No regrets… They don’t work…”*

Regardless of what’s been said in the last post, I guess there’s just something unmissable about the new year.

God bless!

*Robbie Williams – No Regrets


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