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Are You Legend?
7 January, 2008, 3:37 pm
Filed under: Mamak, Movies, Sydney

Sunday night… 5 rowdy boys, 2 sweet girls, 1 movie.

Will Smith’s a good actor, no doubt about that. But somehow I feel that “I Am Legend” is far too predictable. It’s like so many first person shooter (FPS) games I’ve been playing…Right down to the camera angles and zombie faces… Sigh… Pretty disappointing for me, personally, but if you don’t play FPS games its a great movie.

I don’t know how it compares to “Castaway” though but discussions in the car led to a conclusion that they were very different movies. It’s sorta a ‘guy’ movie though, don’t expect heated passionate scenes and much story development and all that.

Ah well… We went to ‘Mamak’ after that… My first time since it opened round about October last year. Should’ve taken pictures but the novelty of mamak stalls is lost when your roti planta costs AUD5 and a maggi goreng costs AUD8.50.

Next time I will have the maggi goreng! *drools* OK food, nothing to shout about. Novelty item more than anything…

Till next time!

God bless!


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