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What’s the big deal?
19 January, 2008, 12:00 am
Filed under: Thoughts

I don’t know what it is in me but whenever I feel this way (which is pretty common I can tell you) my mom’s words early on in my life start to ring in my ears. It’s in Hakka (or Chinese dialect of your choice) and it translates to something akin to “even when the sky falls down, he’ll take it as his blanket and pull it over himself”.

I think she was talking to my grandparents about my attitude and I didn’t want to think that I fit into that mold. But as I grow older, I’m beginning to realize that I am pretty much taking that route.

And as I prodded Gerald for a deeper sense of his heart tonight (it was his [a Singaporean!] farewell to Indo), I find out that after all, its ok. Sure there were tears and a general atmosphere of sadness and how things are going to change (for them) and how they’ve touched our lives and how we’re sending them off and wishing them well and commanding God’s rain of blessing upon them and all but after all that I guess the thing is that they look prepared. They know, kinda sorta, what they’re getting themselves into. Then Gerald said that he was not to know how to trust (Him) if he doesn’t leave his current extremely comfortable life…

But I guess that’s the thing… Living on the edge… That’s whats make you feel alive doesn’t it? Which brings me to the point again, what’s a big deal to you is not necessarily a big deal to me… and vice versa… But of course we all share a sense of ‘big dealness’ when it comes to things like the law and breaking them etc, but I think other than that, nothing’s a big deal I don’t think… except of course Heaven and Hell and your life destiny… 3 things. 😛

But honestly, there’s like 6 billion people on the planet and you and me make two of them. That’s 2/6 000 000 000. Is it? 9 zeroes right? Hehe What separates you from me and me from you?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. 😀

God bless!


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