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21 January, 2008, 12:46 pm
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Was poking around on my blog stats just then and then you know you can actually track what people type on search engines to come to your site and something really shocking came up, (besides Megan Fox)… ‘negative things about joseph prince’…

How sad is that? No, in my defence, I totally love the guy… He ‘checked me out’ once in the church foyer over here but I think it was more of a pastorly look then anything else… Haha A few of my close spiritual ‘guardians’ do not seem to like him either but I don’t know, when he speaks/preaches, it all seems biblical and does not sway from the mainstream teachings that much… Actually, I will say I support him… So yeah…

But anyway… What I really wanted to blog about was this little altercation I saw the other day… It was awesome! Three guys came down from their car, confronted two seemingly random, crazy fellas on the street (talk… shout… shove… talk a bit more… and then KICK! #%@#!!) and went back straight to their car… Haha! It was crazy… I forgot how street fights are manufactured anymore (Hollywood’s so, so fake…). Brings to memory testosterone-filled high-school style fights… Bwhahaha! And did you know, if you fuelled your testosterone-filled adolescence with adrenaline, violence and rage, you would most probably be a high risk-taker type person as an adult… Makes sense?

Anyway, finished playing Crysis as well today… Not too bad… Started playing it like 2 or 3 weeks ago… Pretty good game I must say… Well, short of being the game… Played ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ and ‘Stalker’ too recently and will still recommend ‘Crysis’ as the game… Haven’t tried ‘BioShock’ yet though but the storyline and pace and controllability/non-linearity in ‘Crysis’ is just so amazing… Short of walking out of your room kinda experience you know…

And talk about the weather… Tops of 21 in the middle of summer? Only in Sydney I tell you…


Oooo…. Another random rambling… Miley Ray Cyrus (Hannah Montana) is on Oprah right now… Entertaining her fans… When they did a closeup of the audience, there was this little girl lip-synching to her song… She had no front teeth. So basically a 6/7 year old is singing to a 14-year old’s song… Say what?!

Oh yeah and Ps. Bobbie Houston was in the city yesterday and she had a whole barrage reiterating the fact that God leans towards the humble… But it is so true. Many times in life we try to ‘take control’ of our lives; saying I want to do this and I am a ‘self-made’ man but the fact is God resists the proud but a broken spirit He will not despise… So if you find that you’re easily stressed, frustrated or finding things not working; stay humble, recognize that God is in control…

Another thing she said which I can rattle off my mind right now are these two contrasts…
1. Pride has its roots in evil. Anything evil will always tend to derail you from what God has planned for your life. So in effect, pride will also do that. Yes, you might be ‘succesful’ and a ‘educated risk-taker’ and all that but pride oh pride… will only derail you from the purposes of God.
2. True humility on the other hand, hard in modern times, most of the times mistakenly perceived as weak and easy to bully, has its roots in Jesus. Jesus was the epitome of good and therefore, epitome of humility. And he fulfilled God’s purposes in His life and what happened to Him? He is engraved in history and on the right hand of the Father…

Till me next rant!
God bless!


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i like the message about humility

Comment by esther

were you in the morning service too??
mmmm… didn’t see u 😦

Comment by K.Lo

ahh.. get bioshock! and dont forget me when u do.. 🙂

good to hear sydney’s fine!
am coming back soon!

Comment by marvin

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