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All this Tennis…
22 January, 2008, 11:35 am
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I wasn’t much of a tennis fan, well, still ain’t one but I’ve come to truly respect all these tennis players and what they do to achieve their dream of becoming number one. I guess the prize money is pretty big, considering people pay big money for tickets to attend the Australian Open and that players pay for their own flights to the tournaments. I think players pay a fee to play too right?

Ah well, but anyway, it is a big thing. Like seriously, you have like 6 ballboys/ballgirls and easily another 6 linespeople. OK, granted they are fans and are really into the game and want to touch the balls that their idols touched or whatever but honestly, all this pizzaz for two people on a court? Don’t forget too the maintenance on the courts…

Mmm… Sports is big money in general, but I think if you want the biggest money for an individual sport, play tennis. But then again why is it so interesting? Well, golf rakes in big money too I guess but it ain’t that interesting… Maybe cause tennis is so globally diverse… You’ve got Serbians, Australians, Americans, Swiss, Chinese… I think that’s why its got so many fans cause someone out there somehow will be able to identify with someone or something in the game…

Which brings me to those big-arse cameras at the side of the court…
I did a price comparison on a few of the lenses I think they were using on various websites and found a few on this new website called Savebuckets. It’s pretty clean and easy to use and it pretty much lists a lot of things that online retailers have put up. You can also shop with ‘high-street’ shops (your usual ‘big’ retailers, Toys R Us, etc) just by clicking on a button when searching.

Anyway, take a look at what I found…

Canon EF 400mm F4 Do USM IS… Approx. AUD8000!

And the Canon EF 600mm F4 USM IS… Approx. AUD11,000.

So, tennis anyone?

God bless!


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Dude! Me coming to sydney June 20-24th. You gonna be around?

Comment by nicktay

0.0 That’s a whopping lot of money. Oh well, it’s an L-lens. 😛

Up on my list of gear are:
1. Drybox
2. 24-105mm L
3. 24-70mm 2.8 L

Hmm…wonder what else would I need for people photography. 😛

Comment by Danny Foo

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