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Photos for lunch…
29 January, 2008, 8:56 pm
Filed under: Canon EOS 400D, Farewell, Graduation, Pictures, Sydney

I could get used to this… Getting food substantial rewards for my photography…

The day started off pretty good… HOT… But good all the same… The lighting was harsh though, we were taking pictures in the middle of the day but ah well… I guess we did the best we could with the conditions given…

It’s sad that SernLi’s leaving this Friday… I’ve known him for what? 2 years plus now? And we’ve seemed to hit it off pretty much straightaway… But maybe he was just being nice hehe But I’ve learnt a lot from him and I hope he has from me as well… Ai… so sad…

O well… Things are never gonna be the same again and I can only hope our friendship will stand the test of time. Too many people have gone through my ‘hands’ so to speak during my time here and honestly speaking it is pretty daunting to try and catch up through email or whatever without seeing them physically but I guess its worth a shot… hehe But then again… thats what blogs are for! 😛

If anyone wants SernLi’s phone number or email, please leave a comment.

God bless!


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