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HSA Group Sydney: A Tour…
4 February, 2008, 5:10 pm
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So as a mandatory requirement of migration, I had to undergo a health check. The designated service provider was HSA Group; and my appointment was at 11.30…

11am finds me braving the annoying drizzle, fresh off Central station which has in what my mind calls ‘The Smell of 1st Year’; in tribute to my countless train explorations (either intentional or otherwise) during my first year here in Sydney. Oh how I never want that memory to be erased :D. I hope the smell still invokes the same emotion 30… 40… years down the… track.

Scurrying through the raindrops on the lonely pavement, avoiding potential ‘trouble spots’ – you know spots on the footpath which collect puddles of water? – yeah, I arrive semi-dry at the run down building. The first note I see was “Embassy of Cuba – CLOSED”. Oh, surprise surprise I thought… I didn’t even know Cuba had an embassy.

Anyway, exploring the eerily dead entrance(s) Splinter Cell style, I found the other entrance, took the lift to the 5th floor and… WHAM!!! I see people… I counted 10 in the queue, and an estimate of another 20 sitting in various positions and engaged in differing conversations. Most were Chinese students with the exception of a dark-skinned woman, a Spanish or Italian couple and a pepper of Scandinavians around the room.

Sigh, alas… The dream of a queueless procedure eluded me. Well, I should have known, Marvin kinda told me about it… lOl He said,”Emm… Ahhh… The queue lah, the queue is long…” in typical Marvin-type answers :P.

Anyway, after queuing for 10 minutes, I got the guy I wanted in my mind to serve me to serve me but he wasn’t as friendly as I thought he’d be but I guess he was probably ranked like number 3 out of the 5 people there who I’d thought as ‘nice’. Anyway, he was pretty cool and in 3-4 minutes, with pictures taken, I was ready to be seen by the doctors.

And if Starbucks was to open a health clinic… Sorry guys, HSA Group has already gotten it down to a tee.

I sat down to read my ‘Hotel Heaven‘ book I’ve managed to put off for months to read and 1 page into it I hear a familiar name released phonetically into the air. Oh, it’s mine. Great! Speed! Woo-huh!

But the nurse who saw me for my measurements and eye test just had her morning tea and I expect her to be in a good mood, well, she was, until I get the same glazed and rushed service I get at Gloria Jeans… and to be fair… other coffee chains… *cough* I smiled all my way into peeing into the cup as I ponder the meaning of the lives of people who are not really passionate about their jobs…

With that out of the way, I was shuttled to the X-Ray department (8 footsteps away) and greeted with the same monotony. Paperwork handed over, I sat down. My eyes dirfted to a note at the counter saying “Please inform radiologist if you are PREGNANT“. The words nearly floated out of my mouth… Hey, by the way I am pregnant… Before my mind shut down the notion.

So I was asked to take my top off and sit down on the chair. The only thing that was lacking was the whip. But anyway, after 25 seconds of staring into semi-darkness, the nicest person to greet me in the entire vicinity appeared. Too bad, our interaction was also the shortest… 20 seconds?

So then came the blood test which also jolted me out of Brown’s as I eyed roughly half a page of my ‘Hotel Heaven’. Oh yeah, this was the part I was most nervous about. I asked the 80kg Chinese blood-taker if it would hurt, she managed half a smile and unconvincingly said, “Ha… No.. This won’t hurt…” As she prepared the needle, the test-tube and tightened my arms with a strap, I turned the other way and looked out the window into the rain…


I slowly turned my head back and managed a glance as she moved the needle up, stretching my skin slightly outwards in the process… She chose well… It was over in 15 seconds. Checking my name on the tube, stage exit left for me.

Lastly was Dr. Ching. 2 minutes after my bloodletting, Dr. Ching greeted me and closed the door behind her as she chatted away and again required me to strip. This time it required more nudity than the previous strip. She was quick to sense my uncertainty, “Just to your underwear will be fine”. I managed a chuckle as I imagined the countless people who might have been a tad too eager to follow the doctor’s first instructions.

So a few taps, checks, and touches later… We got to chatting…
It seems all’s good except of a minor discrepancy in my peeing exercise… So I’d have to take an0ther test… Hopefully it doesn’t turn out to be some medical disaster or whatever… But well if it does, then I can be on Discovery channel or something… 😀

And off to the rain I was sent… 12pm… Time for lunch! So, technically, the whole debacle took half an hour… Speed is $$$ people!

God bless!

P.S. 15 Worst Movie Lines.


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good writing, very descriptive

Comment by Joanne

[…] post by Life is better than death. Love; greater than either… Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and […]

Pingback by HSA Group Sydney: A Tour… | Discovery Health Channel

heh heh thanx Joanne… 😀

Comment by K.Lo

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