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Super Tuesday!
5 February, 2008, 9:12 pm
Filed under: Food, St. Michael's College

OK, I admit, living a modern life isn’t exactly all conducive to a ultra-healthy lifestyle. Having coffee and other sugary delights at your disposal so readily ain’t helping either. So the consciousness of healthy food has been slowly creeping up into my headspace…

It’s seriously very hard to cook a tasty and healthy meal. Oh, please, come on, who are we kidding? You have to agree with me. Yes IT IS! Just look at my breakfast this morning…

Healthy, no? Tasty, yes? I resisted salt or tomato sauce or soy sauce on my eggs cause heaven knows how much sodium bacon has… I did however, put ONE slice of cheese in between those two pieces of bread before it got meshed together with the bacon and eggs… It felt like a Ramli burger… only tidak ditanggung halal (not guaranteed halal; halal=kosher for Muslims).

No matter… Dinner was entirely vegetarian… Broccoli, potatoes and carefully caramelised onions topped with cheese sauce… It felt good but the lack of a perfectly grilled steak was pretty noticeable by the time you’re gnawing through the 4th or 5th stalk of brocolli.

Other healthy food tips anyone?

God bless!

P.S. Joke of the day (from watching Dad’s Army with Father)
The sergeant was recruiting ladies for the Home Guard
(e.g. Reservists, RELA, rukun tetangga)

Man: So you care to join us?
Woman: Why, I didn’t know you were apart…


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